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If you have any ideas about the DREAM project, please let us know!

General Ideas

If you have questions or comments about DREAM in general, please tell us!

Terms of Use Issues

We want to be sensitive to issues of scholarship, academic integrity, and co-authorship. By allowing us to make their work publicly available, providers of data and models are helping to advance science. However, they retain the right to remove their contributions from the database at any time. If they contact us to remove their material, we will strive to remove those files from the website within 1 week.

If you use data or models from DREAM, we have the following suggestion: If you use 1 or 2 models/data sets, consider making them co-authors and collaborate with them. If not, we strongly encourage you to begin a conversation with the owner of the data/model and send them your manuscript before you publish. You may cite them directly and cite DREAM separately. If you use 3 or more models/data sets, you can cite DREAM only.

Summer School

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If you have questions or comments about our Competitions, tell us below!