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It is not enough to simply put data and models into a DREAM dataset. There needs to be a real discussion about common theoretical questions, experimental details, the factors that differ between labs, the ways models should be validated, etc. To facilitate this, we are putting on workshops that will not only benefit the researching scientists, but the students as well.

You can suggest dates or discuss possible content at our ideas page.


We will be organizing workshops for 2013. (The workshop will be incorporated into the Summer School as well.)


The main focus of the workshops is to enable real interactions between the participants. As such, experimentalists will be strongly urged to talk about several models and question how experiments, both published and new, speak to the issues of model selection. Modelers, on the other hand will be strongly urged to talk about several datasets and which model developments will be necessary to make progress towards unified models. At the same time the workshops are meant to guide the development of the database project. It will be discussed which questions are open, which variables are important and missing and which variables may be misleading.


Motor control, like all other fields has groups of scientists that agree with one another more within the group than across groups. When deciding on speakers for the workshop an emphasis will be placed on recruiting speakers that represent the different factions within motor control. When selecting students for participation we will particularly encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds and from outside of the reaching community.

Student/postdoc participation

An effort will be undertaken to give young scientists and scientists from outside of traditional reaching science the chance to present interesting research.

Dates and details


We're integrated into this year's CoSMo, held at Northwestern. Should be fun!


To Be Determined