Gunnar Blohm Principal Investigator

Dr. Gunnar Blohm

Associate Professor for Computational Neuroscience

Visiting Professors

none current


none current

PhD students


Parisa Abedi Khoozani

Multi-sensory integration


Dmytro Velychko

Motor control
(co-supervised with Dominik Endres)


Ben Cuthbert

Visual working memory limitations
(co-supervised with M. Paré)


Brandon Caie

hd-tDCS & choice behavior
(co-supervised with Aarlenne Khan)


Jonathan Coutinho

Modelling saccade trigger and pupil responses
(co-supervised with Doug Munoz)


Tom Nissens

Peri-saccadic attentional allocation measured with EEG
(co-supervised with Katja Fiehler)


Benjamin Knopp

Marker-free pose tracking
(co-supervised with Dominik Endres)

MSc students


Omri Nachmani

Saccade triggering during smooth pursuit
(co-supervised with P. Lefevre)


Jorge Enrique Ingle Gonzalez

Timing variability in decision making


Matthiew Laporte

Markerless pose tracking


Maxwell Esser

EEG rhythms in PD


Andrii Trokoz

MEG connectivity analysis

Undergraduate students


Thalia Hua

Working memory (volunteer & independent project student)


Andrew Lorimer

Pupil modulations during free choice (NSCI 499 project)


Sydney Dore

Saccades to accelerating targets (PSYC 501 project)


Conor Donnelly

Strategies in working memory (NSCI 499 project)


Emma Brooks

Saccades to accelerating targets (PSYC 501 project)


Visiting Professors
Philippe Lefèvre (2018-2019)


Deng Wang (2015-2018)
Dominic Standage (2011-2017)
Schubert Carvalho (2010-2011)

PhD students
Stefan Dowiasch (IRTG PhD student: 2014-2016)
T. Scott Murdison (Honors Thesis / MSc / PhD student: 2009-2016)
Mathias Klinghammer (PhD student co-supervised with K. Fiehler: 2013-2016)
Guillaume Leclercq (PhD student, co-supervised with P. Lefevre: 2007-2013)
Deng Wang (PhD student, co-supervised with M. Duoqian: 2011-2013)
Pierre Daye (PhD student, co-supervised with P. Lefevre: 2004-2010)

MSc students
Alexander Goettker (co-supervised by K. Fiehler: 2016-2017)
Cindy Xiao (co-supervised with James Reynolds: 2015-2018)
Jerrold Jeyachandra (MSc student co-supervised with A.Z. Khan: 2015-2017)
Basma Elsaeid (MSc student: 2014-2017)
Sisi Xu (MSc student: 2014-2016)
Christian Wolf (MSc exchange student from Giessen, Germany: 2014)
Gaurav Aggarwal (MSc student: 2012-2017, part time)
Hooman Alikhanian (RA & MSc student: 2011-2014)
Meghan Watson (MSc student: 2009-2011)
Jessica Burns (MSc student: 2008-2010)

under-graduate students
David Corradi (NSCI 499 student: 2017-2018)
Jin Byun (NSCI 499 student: 2016-2017)
Raniem Alsaadi (CISC 499 student: 2016-2017)
Brandon Linaksita (volunteer: 2014-2016)
Sonya Tan (NSCI 499 student: 2015-2016)
Ore Adeyinka (NSCI 499 student: 2015-2016)
Conner Janeteas (NSCI 499 student & volunteer: 2014-2015)
Jamie Zhou (volunteer: 2013-2015)
Odelia Lee (volunteer & NSCI 499 student: 2013-2015)
Stephanie Hammond (volunteer & NSCI 499 student: 2013-2014)
Jeffrey Lo (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Jae Moon (volunteer: 2013-2014)
Emily Poulson (volunteer: 2014)
Divyanshu Gupta (CISC 499 Honors Thesis student: 2013-2014)
Diana Dumitrascu (volunteer: 2013-2014)
Daniel Se Oh (volunteer: 2013-2014)
Brandon Chaffay (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Bhakti Shukla (volunteer: 2013-2014)
Peter Mi (2012 NSERC USRA & NSCI 499 honors thesis student: 2012-2013)
Jonathan Rebane (volunteer & CISC 499 Honors Thesis Student: 2012-2013)
Ryan Kim (volunteer: 2012-2014)
Ben Voloh (NSCI 499 Honors Thesis Student: 2012-2013)
Andy Jin Song (volunteer: 2012-2014)
Christopher Cooper (CISC 499 Honors Thesis student: 2012-2013)
Grace Chen (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Jason Yoongoo Nam (volunteer: 2012-2014)
Evan Hildahl (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Mackenzie Redhead (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Raquel Soon-Shiong (volunteer: 2012-2013)
Timothy Yung (volunteer: 2012-2014)
Stephanie Godard (volunteer: 2011-2012)
Desmond Chau (NSCI 499 honors thesis student: 2011-2012)
Lauren Reid (volunteer: 2011-2012)
Hannah Li (volunteer: 2011-2013)
Saquib Siddiqui (volunteer: 2011-2012)
Austin Ho (volunteer: 2010-2012)
Vince Enachescu (PHYS 590 honors thesis & NSERC-USRA student: 2010-2011)
Gordon Tao (NSCI 499 honors thesis & NSERC-USRA summer student: 2009-2010)
Marinos Tryphonas (CHEE 405 honors thesis student: 2009-2010)
Chanel Paré-Bingley (NSERC-USRA summer student: 2009)

Research support