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We are always looking for brilliant postdocs (external funding will be required)! Contact me now !

MSc / PhD students

I am constantly recruiting highly motivated and brilliant Masters (leading to PhD) students as well as outstanding PhD students who are interested in computational / behavioural neuroscience (see my research interests). I'm looking for students who are enthusiastic, have programming and computational backgrounds such as degrees in Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Physics and who are interested in neuroscience from a computational point of view. Students with Psychology, Life Science or related backgrounds (with strong programming skills) are also encouraged to apply. Projects will involve combinations of theoretical modelling, behavioural testing of models, patient work and/or brain imaging.

Mathematical techniques used in my lab include (but are not limited to) artificial neural network, spiking networks, dual quaternions (Clifford algebra), advanced imaging analysis methods for EEG/MEG, Bayesian statistics, reinforcement learning and state space modelling. Behavioural experiments use eye, head and arm movements to assess brain function.

My lab is part of the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen's University which is one of the most advanced neuroscience centres in Canada and in the world. This means that you will graduate with a Masters (and/or PhD) in Neuroscience. Please read through the Admission Requirements and Application Procedure for more details. Additional information about the Neuroscience Graduate Program can be found here. I am also member of CAPnet, providing many opportunities for close collaborations with colleagues from York University (Toronto, Ontario), University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario), McGill (Montreal, Quebec) and University of Montreal (Quebec).

Students are guaranteed funding of 21,000 CAD per annum for full-time MSc students and 23,000 CAD per annum for full-time PhD students that is available from different sources. Additional funding through Teaching Assistantships or others may be available but cannot be guaranteed.

I promote inclusiveness and diversity in my lab and we embrace differences as a richness. In particular, I would like to encourage women, visible minorities, and people of any sexual orientation and of any gender identity/expression to apply.

If you  are interested and/or have any questions, please email me.