Online teaching / collaborations / broadcasting

Text Editors

  • TeXnicCenter (free) - LateX editor
  • LyX (free) - graphical document processing interface using LaTeX
  • Atom - Customizable text editor by GitHub. Allows for real-time collaboration (!) and has not-too-clumsy Git integration.
  • Spacemacs - A distribution of Emacs, at the deep end of customizable text editors. Emacs has many "modes"; the most useful is probably Org mode, which is a kind of outliner+agenda that can be used to rapidly create LaTeX/Beamer files, and for literate programming (think Jupyter), among other uses. Compared to plain Emacs, Spacemacs starts with a better configuration that is more modular and easier to customize, and allows for the (optional) use of Vim keybindings.

Imaging Analysis

Machine Learning

Vector Graphics


  • statcheck - Use this to check papers for errors in statistical reporting!
  • SPSS - general purpose
  • R (free) - general purpose with great online book!
  • psignifit (free) - psychometric function fitting
  • JASP (free) is especially useful for Bayesian stats!