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Professional Development Workshops

Presentation videos provided with presenter's consent. Otherwise slides-only.
Here is a great infographic of professional development topics to explore...

Introduction to Professional Development Workshops

by Brandon Caie and Jonny Coutinho (Apr 6, 2018)
Outlines goals and format of student-driven professional development workshops.
Society for Neuroscience PD workshops

Open Science

by Brandon Caie and Jonny Coutinho (Apr 24, 2018)
What is pre-registration? How does it work? Where can I pre-register? How are journals innovating to become more open? Find out here!
Presentation Slides
List of Journals accepting video abstracts

by Tom Nissens (Oct 25, 2018)
Open Science practices beyond pre-registration
Presentation video

Career Development

My career path to the Leibniz Association
by Hanna Gertz (July 3, 2018)
Personal experiences and career advice from industry (science management).

Preparing a Teaching Dossier
by Julia Morris (Feb 19, 2019)
How to market yourself as an effective teacher.
Example evaluation forms and full teaching dossiers

Upcoming Workshops

Career Development

by Sophie Kenny (upcoming - Feb 12, 2019)
Career Pathways in Science Technology

by Rita Maltseva (upcoming - Apr 2, 2019)
Mentoring in academia: mentor-trainee relationships and how they are governed by gender