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This page contains course materials for the CoSMo 2013 summer school.

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Introduction - overview of sensory-motor control

Aug 5-6
Lecturers: Gunnar Blohm, Niko Troje

Troje lecture: some introductory thoughts on modelling
Blohm sensory-motor lecture: a brief overview of the field
Blohm how to model lecture: a practical guide

Afternoon tutorial 1
Please first get the Tutorial instructions
Then download the Matlab code and Data set for exercise 4.

Afternoon tutorial 2
Data set

DREAM database - Introduction to the data and model sharing initiative

Aug 5 (evening)

Lecturer: Gunnar Blohm

The DREAM project should be on the USB drives of a few different students. If you haven't yet, find someone who has the data and get it from them. DREAM can also be downloaded piece-wise (data sets, models, tools, and documentation) from CRCNS: You will need to create an account on CRCNS to be able to download the project files. If you want "all" of DREAM (models, tools, and documentation), click here:

If you're familiar with svn and would like info/credentials for code in the repository, contact Ben Walker

Update: Here's the fixed version of LoadDreamPaths.m. (The originally distributed version had Windows directory formatting using '/' and would not work for *nix. This script should work for all OSes.)

Here is a description of data sets currently in Dream. Dream is growing, but this list is accurate as of the time of the summer school (click on the link to access the related publication).

  • Burns -- reaching with head tilt and left/right visual perturbations
  • Corbett -- reach trajectory predictions based on EMG and gaze movements
  • Fernandes -- reaching with uncertain and rotated midpoint feedback
  • Flint -- decoding of reaching movements from local field potentials
  • Kording -- reaching with uncertain midpoint feedback
  • Mattar 07 -- generalizing from one, two or multi targets to another direction
  • Mattar 10 -- reaching to a distance (short/long), generalizing to the other one (long/short)
  • Ostry -- move in force field, get an estimation of where the hand is
  • Scott -- monkey (no spike), center out: even and not evenly distributed targets, also a forward/back
  • Stevenson -- center out, monkey with neural time stamps
  • Thoroughman -- reach adaptation to perturbations with different complexity
  • Vahdat -- movement in force field with FMRI scans pre/post learning
  • Wei 08 -- visual perturbations, cursor shown only at target
  • Wei 10 -- movement in differing force fields
  • Young -- movement time stayed the same, but distance changed; fast, medium, slow reaches.

Limb motor control

Aug 7-8
Lecturers: Lena Ting, Stephen Scott

Scott lecture: Introduction
Ting lecture: Control through synergies
Scott lecture: biology of motor control
Crevecoeur lecture: Mathematics of optimal feedback control

Afternoon tutorial 1
Software package 1
Wavelet code
Related papers: Bingham (2011) and Ting (2010)

Afternoon tutorial 2
OFC tutorial

The Bayesian Brain

Aug 9-10
Lecturers: Angela Yu, Paul Schrater

Schrater lecture: The Bayesian Brain
Yu lecture: Decisions, decisions, decisions

Afternoon tutorial 1
Tutorial files
and relevant papers: Kording 2004 and Haith 2008

Afternoon tutorial 2

Grant writing 101 for Neuroscientists

Aug 9 (evening)
Lecturer: Ken Rose


Sensory-motor transformations

Aug 12-13
Lecturers: Kathy Cullen, Maurice Chacron

Chacron lecture 1: Linear Systems Theory
Cullen lecture 1: The VOR as a linear system
Cullen lecture 2: Non-linear sensory-motor transformations
Chacron lecture 2: Sensory-motor learning

Afternoon tutorial 1
Tutorial files

Afternoon tutorial 2
Tutorial files
Related article
Delta function

From academia to industry - a practical guide

Aug 12 (evening)
Lecturer: Don Aldridge (IBM)

Adaptation & learning

Aug 14-15
Lecturers: Doug Tweed, Maurice Smith

Smith slides
Tweed notes

Afternoon tutorial 1

Afternoon tutorial 2
Tutorial files & instructions

Computational neuroimaging & MVPA

Aug 16-17
Lecturers: Rhodri Cusack, Nick Oosterhof, Andy Connolly

Cusak lecture 1
Cusak lecture 2

Afternoon tutorial 1
Tutorial files and instructions

Workshop material day 2
Workshop material
MRIcron visualization software package
Please download this file (~170Mb!!!)

Group projects

2-week duration
The B.E.E.R (Behavioral Effects of Expected Reward) experimental competition results: Scores
First prize (best group): 2 pitchers of beer (or equivalent) at the Grad Club
Second prize: 1 pitcher of beer for the team

Presentation schedule: Fri, Aug 16
5:00pm - Different Applications of TD-Learning Using an Actor-Critic Method
Team: Susanna Summa, Camilla Pierella, Chiara Baston, Ashley Parr

5:20pm - Using an OFC Model to Depict Motor Learning
Team: Noor Al Dahhan, Edwin Cruz, Stephanie Durocher, Christophe Gerard, & Rajkumar Raveedndran

5:40pm - Motor Adaptation in a Model of Optimal Feedback Control
Team: Kyle Blum, Andrew Kope, Kevin Trewartha, Julia Leonard

Dinner break

7:00pm - Spatial and temporal re-analysis of fMRI data
Team: Scott Macdonald, Conor Wild, Jason Gallivan, Nevena Savija

7:20pm - Diving into an ocean of biological motions: Clustering perceived attributes
Team: Seamas Weech, Sophie Kenny, Sujaya Neupane, Benedict Chang

7:40pm - Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity
Team: Mark Shaw, Christian Wolf, Gaurav Aggarwal

8:00pm - Modelling Reaching Behaviour
Team: Vivian Paulun, Rubén Pinzón, Juan M. Galeazzi, Jolande Fooken

8:20pm - What (some) models can and cannot do
Team: Juan Chen, Paula Di Noto, Li-Ann Leow, Gabriella Levkov

8:40pm - The B.E.E.R (Behavioral Effects of Expected Reward) experimental competition WINNER
Optimality under fire: Dissociating learning from Bayesian integration
Team: Luigi Acerbi, Feryal Behbahani, Megan Peters, Marius 't Hart

Survey: please click here to evaluate projects

Winner of the 2-week project competition: B.E.E.R team!!!
Prize: A poster presentation at the TCMC satellite meeting to the SfN annual meeting in San Diego.

Sunset dinner cruise

For everyone having signed up: please meet at 6pm AT THE LATEST @ 1 Brock Street (East end of Confederation Park, just by city hall). Please be on time!!!
We will board the "Island Queen" all together at 6pm. This is a CoSMo-sponsored event. Food is included and there will be a cash bar.